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“How to wash a duffle bagDuffle bags are the things that we used in our daily lifestyle. So, the thing which is used in daily routine gets dirty. The easy way is to clean the things is just to wash them. But bags are those things which we are afraid of washing so that they don’t break anywhere.

It depends upon the material of the bags. Some materials are washable and some are not. So, whenever you are buying your duffle bag, check whether the material is washable or not. Many duffle bags are waterproof but that doesn’t mean it is washable.

So, we can completely guide you about duffle bag washing and how to wash a duffle bag.

How to wash a duffle bag?

There are a few steps while washing suitcase. We will suggest you wash the duffle bag or Nike duffel bag in an empty bathtub because you get a lot of space in it. First, fill a bucket with cold water and put a detergent according to your need.

If your bag is small in size then use less detergent and if your bag is bigger then add a little more detergent. Use a scrub brush to clean your bag. Dip the brush in the bucket and gently clean the outside of your bag with the mixer you made.

canvas duffle bag

Also, remember to clean the shoulder straps of the bag. After cleaning it add the clean water to it to remove the soap mixer. Don’t use lots of pressure of water to clean. Simply clean with normal water. After completely cleaning the bag take it out from the tub and this could take 1 to 2 hours to dry.

Put it under the sun for deeply drying. If you also want to clean it from the inner side just take a vacuum cleaner after drying and gently clean it with lower pressure of vacuum cleaner and That’s it you simply and successfully wash your duffle bag.

Which Types of Duffel Bags Can You Wash?

Many types of duffle bags material are washable. But although material like leather is not washable. When you wash leather bags could change the feel of the material and looks ugly.

So, the material that you can wash is Polyester, Nylon, Vinyl, acrylic, and lien. Also, two other materials like Canvas and Cotton but both these materials can be washed by hand, not in a machine.

Mostly try to wash a duffle bag with hands as compared to the machine. Because sometimes machine causes the damage of bag.

Can we wash a duffel bag in the washing machine?

This is a complicated question that can we wash a duffle bag in the washing machine. But now it is not a big problem because in the market there is such a material which is washable in the machine.

But it doesn’t mean that we can wash every duffle bag in the washing machine. Only materials like Polyester and Nylon duffle bag can be washed in the washing machine. But if you put Cotton or material like Lien is not a demonstration of intelligence.

You only put that material that is washable in the machine. So just a few tips which you keep in mind while washing a duffle bag in the machine. Empty the whole bag before putting it into the machine. Avoid bleach because it could discolor your duffel bag during the cycle of the machine.

Don’t use too hot water to wash a duffle bag it could damage the bag. Wash your duffel with a load of blankets and towels. After completing the procedure of cleaning reshape it and let it dry in the air.

How to clean a Canvas Duffle Bag?

Many peoples are afraid of cleaning canvas duffle bag and think if we wash bags, they will be damaged but these all are myths. how to wash a duffle bag. You can easily wash canvas bags if you follow these steps. Before putting your bag into the cleaning process remove customizable things like (brooches, Buttons, Keychains, etc.)

After this empty your all bag take care of that no single or small things like lipstick, pens, etc. left in the bag. The next step is to check that is there any printed fabrics or any tattoos on your bag if it is then don’t use warm water. Use cold water to clean.

If you use hot water then all the printed fabric got damaged. The main thing after these steps is the color fading/bleeding test. Fill cold water in a bowl and dip a small part of your bag for 10 minutes and see if the color starts fading or bleeding then this is not washable or if it doesn’t then follow these steps.

The next step is to use a table vacuum to clean all the dirt and dust from the bag. Gently clean all the dirt from the canvas duffle bag. Next, remove stain from bar soap or with stain remover and remember don’t add too much Stainer it will damage your bag.

Avoid things that can harm your bag like Blech, Detergent, Chlorine, etc. Now gently clean your bag in cold water and add a little amount of detergent. We always prefer you to wash bag with your hands, you can wash in machine but the most preferable and best way is clean with your hands.

When you clean the whole bag rise out from the water and leave it to dry. Don’t use a dryer machine to dry canvas bags the speed of rotation of the dryer creates the chance to damage the bag and shrink it.

Leave the bag in the fresh air to dry it will not give any damage to your bag or dry it well. That’s it if you follow all these steps, you can simply wash your canvas bag without any damage.

How to Get the Smell Out of a Duffel Bag?

There are many ways to get out the smell from the duffle bag. But we are providing you with the most efficient and more frequently working ways.

You can wash it with a detergent that reduces the smell from the bag also use liquid soap to remove the smell. Baking soda is another way to remove the smell just put a little amount of baking soda in the bag and wash it you will get a good result.

Another very effective way is lemon juice and tea bags. If you want to remove the smell frequently used lemon juice or tea bags. Put tea bags in the bags for 2 to 3 hours and check the effective result. You can also use dryer sheets or antibacterial wipes these can also help to remove the smell from the bag.

Antibacterial wipes are a very good product in urgently removing the smell. If you are in a hurry, and really want to take care of a bad odor this is the fastest way to smell out or deodorize your bag and the last way is Scotchgard. Scotchgard is the product that helps you to remove the smell. This will permanently remove odors at bay.

Can we put a Duffel Bag in the Dryer?

So, if you are thinking to dry the duffle bag in the dryer then this is the madness thing you are going to do. Never put the duffle bag in the dryer if you put the bag in the dryer it will shrink, wrinkle, and lose the shape and structure of the bag. Always put your bag in the fresh air for drying.

How to Wash a Duffel Bag with Wheels?

So, there are simple steps to clean a wheel’s duffle bag just follow these. First starts washing from wheels. Make a mixture of soap and with the help of a sponge dip sponge in the mixture and clean all the dirt from the wheels.

Rotate the wheels so you can completely clean all the dirt from the wheels. After washing the wheels now wash the whole bag gently.

Then after this immediately dry it to prevent water damage. After all these steps apply some oil to the wheels for the smoothness of its work. This is a way how to wash a duffle bag.

Can you wash a gym bag?

Yes of course you can wash a gym bag there is no problem in washing a gym bag. It was the same as we wash a normal duffle bag just add a little more step.

gym bag

If you have a gym bag that is made from Polyester or Nylon so, you also wash it in the machine but more preferable is to wash it with your hands. Dip your bag in the water. No matter water is cold or warm you can use both. Now gently starts washing it.

Also, wash it small or big pockets because sometimes we didn’t remember to clean pockets. Add detergent to the water and wash the bag. After completing the washing rinse out and leave it to dry in the air and just it. Now your bag looks new.


So, our team try to cover all the questions related to how to wash duffle bags. We always try to do our best for our visitors and customers and try to provide the best results. If you want to purchase a duffle bag from trusted and high-rated sites so we suggest you buy from Travellikelegend or Amazon.

These websites provide you with the best quality products and if you have any questions related to duffle bags you can feel free to contact us. I hope those answers help you a lot how to wash a duffle bag.


1: Q – Can we wash a Duffle Bag?

A – Yes, why not duffle bags are washable.

2: Q – Can you machine dry the duffle bag?

A – Yes, but only those which are made from polyester or nylon material.

3: Q – Can I put my gym bag in the washing machine?

A – Yes, of course, you can wash the gym bag in the washing machine. But most beneficial is to wash with hands. And this is the best way. Always try to do hand wash.



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