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“How to store duffle bags in closet” I love to travel with the duffle bag because it is very convenient and provides a comfortable trip. Many people prefer duffle bags for traveling. But many of them don’t know where or how to store duffle bags in the closet. Because of their big sizes, people have faced problems in storing the duffle bag.

But don’t worry I have going to tell you how can you store your suitcase easily in your closet and how to organize your luggage well. I am telling you the right way of storing luggage at home. I tell you the easiest method of how to store duffle bags in closet. So, without wasting any time let’s see.

How to store duffle bags in closet

The best way is to store them upright and the only way you’ll actually wear them is if you can really see them so, the obvious choice is an open shelf whether you actually have them in a little cabinet to keep away dust which is a great idea is your choice but I like to have them at an arm’s length it within my actual wardrobe, not in a separate space. Keep all the ones that I wear on a regular basis.

I keep them and for the truly special ones, I would actually keep them in their original sort of duffel bag and potentially even have a little picture in front so that when I put them away and have them in the drawer if I open it I can actually see what’s in there because seeing is wearing so that’s a really important point if you’re designing your water make sure that you have enough space sort of upwards to fit them all so, for instance, all of my duffle bags are on the top shelve.

I try to keep some stuffing in the duffle bags so that they don’t lose. If you have more duffle bags and small storage space so, you can put your duffle bags in one big duffle bag. So, this way you can store your luggage. Also, if you have low storage in a closet, you can nail or hang your duffle bags or luggage over the door. So, these are my tips on how to store the bags.

How do you organize a duffle bag?

pack luggage

So, here we go gonna show you how to properly pack a small duffle for just a weekend you know up to four days. Always gonna start you’re gonna wear your heaviest stuff of course on the planes it’s gonna be your bigger shoes maybe wearing boots or athletic shoes something that maybe your aren’t as clean so you want your cleanest stuff to go in the duffle bag.

So anything big and heavy you want to just wear with you or bring with you so gonna bring a nice pair of shoes those are always gonna layer in the bottom you always want the back to hit the back the teal to the back the toe in the front keeps it nice and even because usually, the back of your shoes are dirty so you put them on the back of your suitcase pan. It’s neat to be rolled it’s never folded pants and a duffel.

So the duffel is usually as round so you want to have your articles of clothing round as well don’t fold unless it’s folding is better for suitcases these are better for rolling so if you have a duffle roll it and you’ll get a lot more into promise. The jeans shirt is always really good keeps you warm it’s you know kind of just doesn’t wrinkle it’s really good so you fold it in half throw the sleeves down make sure they’re not the wrinkled and same thing you’re just gonna roll it up to start from the bottom roll slow we’re just gonna work our way up to the collar.

Try to have the collar folded that way doesn’t get a crease in it and it’s rolled up nice and tight these go right alongside the pants so the heavy stuff on one side that way all the bulky things are on the other side and the things you need to access a little quicker are gonna be on this side so t-shirts fold them and the same thing.

We’re just gonna roll them up collar down and here we go a couple of different colors can be worn anything with logos or anything too bright you can’t wear it more than once so people are going to take note and the way you wear that yesterday a white shirt black shirt gray shirt no one’s going to ask questions and they can always be worn underneath things roll that.

let’s roll this up nice and tight so spouse we have three shirts we have one nice shirt you can throw on the other shirt over it to go out at night. if you have anything nice going on of course your iPad or whatever is easy to travel with workout clothes. I don’t really roll these because they’re usually light. if you always want an extra pair just in case these can be rolled as well but for the most part, you don’t have to just because it’s they’re usually light and thin you don’t have to only the heavy stuff should be rolled socks on top.

So, socks and underwear you get there more than likely so put it at the bottom these are good stuffers for the bottom kind of open up the bag and then we’re gonna go with our workout clothes because they don’t wrinkle and then the t-shirts you’re gonna layer the top right in the middle. Also, take a travel-size toiletry bag this is gonna go along the side as well the I pad along the side as well all that fit in there.

This is a small bag and it fits in there very easily. That’s how you pack a quick duffel for a short weekend trip packed you’re ready to go on your trip everything’s in here. another tip put your documents any kind of paperwork or any kind of like reservations or anything in your iPad case.

So that’s the great way to store them you can just either put it in the back of the case take off the iPad stuff them in there or if it’s a smart case and it has a magnetic closure just close it down on there and you’ll always be able to keep up with them. it’s more than likely you know where your iPad is at all times you’re not digging for paperwork you know just grab the iPad. So, this is a way how do you organize a duffle bag.

How do you store duffle bags at home?

store duffle bag

Let’s see how we store duffle bags at home. So, if you have a small duffle bag you can store it with your door hooks or if don’t have door hooks you can use it over the door wire basket to store the duffle bag. The door wire basket is a very good way to store bags.

You can get more space using this. Another great way to store is to stack your duffle bags vertically. Put duffle bags like this to provide you more space and o you can stack other bags with them in a vertical direction. A great way to store a duffle bag is to mount a hanging bar to the wall. So, these are some ways to store duffle bags at home.

What should I put in my duffel bag?

It depends on your occasion. If you are packing a duffle bag for traveling then start with the clothes you need on your travel journey. Pack 2 pairs of shirts and pants which you like and if there is winter then, also pack 1 pair of jacket and 1 pair of sweater it is very necessary.

Add 5 pairs of your innerwear like underwear & for girls, they should pack 2 pairs of the bra. Also, pack a nice 2 pair of shoes, which you think you are comfortable with them and which suits you the most. One for formal and one for casual. Now pack 4 to 5 pairs of socks and a beautiful hat. These are the basic things, now you can also add more essentials which you think you want in your trip.

Don’t forget to pack your paperwork like your Passport and ID, copy of the itinerary, copies of important documents, Extra passport pictures, Petty cash  & Travel-friendly debit and credit cards. And if you pack a duffle bag for the gym then put all your basic and needy gym essentials like your gym towels, must carry a personal towel because it reduces the risk of hygiene problems. Pack your gym shoes, water bottle, your supplement like a pre-workout & other things you need in the gym.


  • Q- Can I store a duffle bag in the garage?
  • A- Yes, why not you can store a duffle bag in the garage if you have less space in a closet
  • Q- Does rolling your clothes save space?
  • A- Yes, rolling is good for pants, t-shirts, pajamas, and more. So, yes rolling clothes save space
  • Q- How do you pack an overnight bag?
  • A- For details about packing duffle bags or overnight bags click here


People think storing a duffle bag in a closet is a big problem, but I make it easier how to store duffle bags in closet. I tell in detail about how you can easily and nicely store a duffle bag in the closet. I also cover other questions related to it. So, if you are interesting read that. Hopefully, after reading you can get an answer on how to store duffle bags in closet.

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