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“How To Measure A Duffel BagBuying a duffle bag is an easy way, but “how to measure a duffel bag” is a difficult task. People buy the duffle bag but don’t know how to measure it and where to start measuring a duffel bag. That’s why they face a problem in airlines because people don’t know the right way to measure.

So keep in touch with us. I am going to tell you how to measure a duffel bag accurately and how you can measure a duffel bag for carry-on. Hope it helps you in measuring the duffel bag. So, let’s see from where we have to start.

How to measure a duffel bag?

Whenever you are measuring a duffel bag I will suggest you fill it. You can pack your duffle bag with anything like clothes, papers & forms, etc. Through this, your bag gets fully stretched and you can measure it more accurately. When you fully pack it then start measuring.

First, measure the height, so pick a measuring tape and start from the top of the bag to the ground. Don’t carry a measuring tape lose, stretch it as you can.

Then you get the right measurement. After height measure its width. Start from the left corner of the duffel bag and end to the right corner. Now open the main compartment zipper of the duffle bag and measure its inner height & width in the same way. So, this is the right and convenient way to measure the duffel bag.

How to measure a duffel bag for carry on?

The proper way to measure your duffle bag for carry-on luggage is first, always measure the height of the case from the side edge to edge take a measuring tape and start at the top of the bag, not including the handle

. Measure to the bottom edge and do a straight estimate to the bottom surface if the bottom edge is rounded and do not include the wheels to measure the width of the bag turn the bag on its face on the floor. Measure across the back surface from side edge to side edge at the bottom of the case.

Since many cases tapered for stability to measure the depth measure from the side edge to edge from the back to the front of the main body and do not include any of the expansion of the exterior pocket.

Or the main opening zippers here again you should measure at the bottom since many cases are tapered two ways for stability and are widest at the bottom-most airline’s carry-on regulations require a combined length of no more than 45 linear inches. So add the dimensions height plus width plus depth and compare it to this regulated length be prepared ahead of time for airline regulations

with these easy rules for measuring your duffel bag luggage. This is a simple way.

What is the size of carry on luggage for airlines?

luggage checked size

Flying can be stressful enough without worrying about it your bags are the right size for your airline. So if you plan ahead and measure your luggage beforehand. It could be easy through the airport so we’re going to go over what sizes are good for each airline.

Here at Akron candy first we’ll go of our legacy carriers that are American Airlines Delta Airlines and United Airlines these three share the same rules for both checked and carry-on luggage. For Delta United and American, they allow you to have one carry-on in one personal item. So those will be carry-on personal item those under your seat goes overhead for your carry-on the dimensions should be nine inches by 14 inches by 22 inches.

Now we find that is looked at the height 22 the width 14 and the chef is nine for any odds shaped luggage that you might have if it’s a little bit narrower or anything like that you can also go by the linear inches. So that’s going to be the height plus the width plus the depth so for United American and Delta that’s 45 linear inches the checked baggage system is pretty easy it can’t exceed 50 pounds and it also can’t be larger than 62 linear inches.

If you stay around this size you should be fine just make sure to measure at home. First your first checked bag will cost $25 in the second will cost an additional $35 so here’s a recap for American Delta and United next we’re going to go over Southwest Airlines baggage policy. This one is super simple the only difference is really the pricing and then also the size of my carry-on.

So the difference is a 10 by 16 by 24-inch carry-on which is 50 linear inches. A little bit bigger than the other ones additionally you can bring two checked bags that can’t exceed 50 pounds or 62 inches linear inches. But both legs are free so when you fly Southwest you get all of this with you for free so here’s the Southwest recap and the easiest part is that costs you zero dollars.

If you stay within these guidelines that are carry on a personal bag plus two checked bags that fly free lastly Allegiant Air has beautiful rolls and the other guys for a Legionnaire it’s a little bit different. So your personal-sized item is included in the ticket price however the carry-on in the checked bag they’re not so your carry-on can be 45 linear inches then the checked bag can actually be up to 80 inches.

However, you have to make sure that it does not exceed 40 pounds of carry-on luggage, in addition, check bags are $50 apiece. If you walk up to the airport counter so make sure to buy your bags while you’re booking your ticket on our Legion Ericom to save some money don’t be that traveler rearranging your luggage off the ticketing wing is the worst so before you leave home measure your bag weigh it and rearrange it.

What size is a large duffel bag?

There are many sizes in the duffle bags. Duffle bags come in many different sizes. There are different sizes of a duffle bag for the gym, for travel, for the weekend, etc.

But the right size is that which you need for your luggage. Many people want to know what size is a large duffle bag. So, the maximum storage of the largest duffle bag is 160L. This is the biggest size in the duffle bag. Its dimension is about 33 x 17 x 18″ (LxWxH).

How big is a 30inch duffel bag?

Well, a 30inch duffle bag is a very good size. This size is most suitable for the gym. You can pack a pair of gym shoes, a towel, your supplement like protein, gym gloves & other small accessories which you need in the gym.

The 30inch duffel bag size is also very good for a 2, 3 days trip. You can pack your 3 days clothes, pair of shoes, sockets, underwear, perfume & toiletry. The dimension of mostly 30-inch duffle bag is about 30″ (L) x 14.50″ (W) x 15.00″(H). If you want to buy a duffle bag (travellikelegend) is the best site.


  • Q- What is a standard size duffle bag
  • A- The actual standard size is 17” (W), 22” (H), and 10” (L).
  • Q- Can a 29-inch bag be checked?
  • A- No 29inch bag is oversized. It cannot checked
  • Q- Can you use a duffel bag as checked luggage
  • A- Yes, duffle bags use as a checked luggage


Measuring a duffle bag is not a rocket since. It is very easy if you get the right way of how to measure a duffel bag. People face problem during the checked luggage. They didn’t measure their duffel bag size before checking and got in trouble at the airport.

So, measure the duffel according to the way which I tell. I hope you get the knowledge of how to measure a duffel bag through this article. For more information visit travellikelegend.

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