Duffle Bag With Side Pockets | Travel Bag With Shoe Storage

“Duffle Bag With Side Pockets” Duffle bags are supposed great for traveling, trips, tours & fitness. But finding small things in a hurry like keys, passports, tickets, and other small essentials, duffle bags is considered not a good option. Here duffle bags with side pockets help you. A duffle bag with side pockets provides you the facility to put all these essentials in pockets.

You can pack your small gears and most needy things in-side pockets. So, here I can be going to review the top duffle bags with side pockets, which finished your issues. I can bring the best duffle bags with side pockets in 2022. You can easily pack your stuff in it. So, check the list, which are the best duffle bags with side pockets.

Gonex Canvas Duffle Bag With Side Pockets

leather bag with side pockets

This is one of the finest duffle bag with side pockets. The manufacturer of this duffle bag is Plambag. Plambag is a big company making duffle bags. The features of this backpack are amazing So, First, start with quality or material. This large duffle bag with side pockets made of high-quality cotton canvas. The quality of the duffle bag is durable. There is a soft nylon lining on the duffle bag.

Let’s review its pockets. There are high-quality pockets installed in this duffle bag. Total 6 pockets in this duffel bag. There are 2 exterior side pockets and 2 front pockets with huge space and also 1 big back pocket. You can easily put a 17″ laptop, IPad Pro, shoes, and other daily essentials in these pockets.

The main compartment comes with zipper pockets and there is a big space to pack your clothes and essentials for a 5-7 day trip. This is a 60l duffle bag with side pockets. So, the actual size of the duffel is (L)23.6 x (W)11 x (H)12.2 inches. There are two side zippers to extend the duffle bag to 26 inches long.

You can also use this duffle bag for multiple purposes as you can use it as a weekend bag, overnight bag, short trip bag, toiletry bag, camping duffle bag, business duffel, sports duffle, gym duffle bag, carry-on luggage, etc. Now review its handles.

This backpack bag with side pockets comes with rounded stitched grip handles & padded adjustable also, removable shoulder strap. You can carry this duffle bag in three different ways, hold on hand, carry on the shoulder, or crossbody so, this duffle bag has three sizes large, X large & X large with a shoe compartment. This is an X large size which I was reviewing.

There is a good feature of plastic cushions at the bottom, it helps your duffle bag to well resistant to dirt and wear. The weight of this mens duffle bag with side pockets is around 3.4lb, which is good. Its padded handle offers you comfort while carrying the bag. You can also carry this duffle bag on flights without any worries. This is an airline-friendly duffle bag also a great companion, wherever you take it. The awesome duffle bag with side pockets for Men and Women.

  • Expandable Design
  • Large Capacity
  • Multi Pockets
  • Multipurpose
  • Waterproof
  • A Bit Expensive

Garment Duffel Bag for Men Women

large bag with side pockets

This duffle bag with side pouch is made by Modoker. Modoker is a fashion bag brand. This brand provides the best quality bags from 1993. This is a convertible garments duffle bag so, it is a great duffle bag that comes with side pockets. This is a 45L duffel bag.

It is great for a travel weekender bag. This is a large size duffle bag. The pockets of this duffle bag are very convenient also there is a shoe pouch pocket on the left side. You can put single pair of shoes very easily inside it, and there is also a pocket on the right side that is designed for keys, passports, pens & other small items.

Also on the front, there are two big quick access pockets in which you pack a smartphone, power bank, mobile charger, and other quick-access items. You also get inside pockets as well. The thing which I love the most about this duffle bag with a side pockets is that it is wrinkle-free.

This duffle bag provides you with a wrinkle-free suit or dress at any given time. So, you have no more trouble of wrinkles with your dresses. This is a convertible garment duffle bag with a toiletry bag. The dimension of this duffle bag with side pockets is 22.8” L x 11” W x 11.8” H. The good thing about this garment bag is that it meets the requirements of sizer at the airport.

You can take this duffle bag with pockets as your carry-on luggage item. The actual weight of the bag is 3.4 pounds. Another great feature of this duffle bag with shoe compartment is, it is water-resistant. This duffle bag is made of sturdy SBS ZIPPER & High-quality Polyester fiber & jacquard with vegan leather accents, and also it is a scratch-resistant duffle bag.

This is an anti-tear & anti water splashing duffle bag. You also get shoulder straps, with a help of it you can adjust the strap according to your shoulder. The handle of this duffle bag with side pockets is very comfortable in carrying. So, now let’s talk about its looks.

This amazing duffle bag comes with the fancy design of combining the feature of the garment bag and duffel bag. This duffle bag looks very premium. There is a smart trolley sleeve design, which is convenient to slide a duffel bag onto the extension handle of wheeled luggage. You can also get a toiletry bag with it also, toiletry bag dimension is 9.3” L x 4.7” W x 5” H.

This weekender bag with side pockets has all the features which you expect from a good duffle bag. This duffle bag with side sack is available in Blue color. It is a solid choice for those heading for a business trip or weekend getaway. So, In my opinion, this duffle bag is the best choice.

  • No Wrinkle
  • Duffle Bag with Toiletry Bag
  • Water-Resistant
  • Good Quality
  • Not Waterproof

Gym Duffle Bag Backpack For Men Women

gym bag with shoe compartment

I am in love with this duffle bag, because the features of this weekender bag are mind-blowing. This gym bag with side pockets is made of high-quality PU leather(two sides and bottom), 900D polyester(front and backside) So, this is the most durable gym bag with shoe compartment. There is a separate section designed with waterproof material to store your dirty & wet stuff so, this is a great gym bag with side pockets for the gym.

You can use this duffle bag for multiple purposes like, for the gym bag, handbag, travel duffle bag, shoulder bag & Backpack. There is a separate shoe compartment in which you can put your gym shoes, formal shoes, sneakers, etc. This duffle bag is designed with an air hole in the shoe compartment to keep the bag ventilated also, there is a wet pocket with waterproof material that can store your sweaty clothes to keep your main compartment dry.

There are big size pockets. The dimension of this large duffle bag with compartments is 21.5"L × 10.5"W × 10.0" H. This is a 40L capacity duffle bag. This duffle bag with side pockets has 8 pockets, including five outer pockets and four inside pockets So, it is one of the best gym duffle bags.

If you use it for travel then you can hold clothes for two people for a weekend, or if you use for a gym then you can hold a pair of gym shoes, two sets of gym clothes, other fitness equipment such as a gym belt, protein supplement, etc.

You can get this duffle bag with pockets in three different beautiful colors Black, Grey & Army Green. The material of this extralarge duffle bag with pockets tells its durability. If you use it with a little bit of care, then it will be more lasting. Overall the design and the quality are very impressive.

This duffle bag with side pockets gives 30 days full refunds for any quality problem, a one-year warranty, and lifetime customer service. It comes with a detachable & padded shoulder strap so, this is the finest duffle bag with side pockets if you are finding for your next gym or travel companion.

  • Durable & Water-resistant
  • Separate Shoe compartment
  • Wet Pocket
  • Multi-Compartment
  • Multifunctional Use
  • Not Personal Item


  • Q– What size duffel bag do I need?
  • A– Choose your Duffle bag size according to what you need to add to it.
  • Q– Where can I buy the best duffel bags?
  • A– Travellikelegend gives you the best duffel bags in the market
  • Q– What is the best material for duffel bags?
  • A– For Gym materials like Polyester, Nylon is the best & for travel, Bussiness Canvas, leather is great.
  • Q– How do you carry shoes to the gym?
  • A– Use duffle bag with shoe compartment to carry shoe to the gym


So, I research a lot on duffle bags with side pockets to find the best ones, so here I find the 3 best duffle bag with side pockets. I do not choose the duffle bags according to the rating, I always try to select the duffle bags which have good material, High quality, More durable, lightweight, and good in price, because I always provide my buyer with the best. So, Let’s check which is perfect & suit you the most and buy that duffle bag with side pockets.